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The Mission

The Mission:    Global Release of 3D Animated Feature Film 2026

                            Budget: $300M     Estimated Return on Inv. $17.5B+

Our mission is to create ordinary habitual products that make everything fun and combine them together to make a great experience.  Our products are “Practical”. We simply make an array of traditional products and services that parents can use  or purchase for their children everyday.  We focus on products that are simple, reasonable in price and unique in feature.  


The key to our business is the exclusivity of the products and the infrastructure that carries these unique inter-dependent products. This is what separate us from the world.  We sell great images and stories to consumers.  We simply place images on plates, cups, napkins, shoes, trucks, and everything else and broadcast these images globally.  Rule#1, Never saturate the images via digital media before you have the children’s merchandise in place.


We are capable of reaching 200M people each month via digital media for less than $20K, and from our test market results we can reach our projections almost at will with funding.  Our project is designed to work like a fly swatter!  One Good Global SMACK and Done!

The First Birthday Party Movie

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