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First Birthday is a fun story of human like dinosaurs and animals, filled with suspense, surprise and friendships. A captivating story with fun music for both children and adults, it revolves around Archie, a pterodactyl who is born in a most unnatural way – his egg is blown from the nest by the eruption of the Chucklegigglenu volcano, causing him to be confused about who he is the rest of his life. Not being born with his natural mother who ordinarily would teach her dinosaur offspring to fly, young Archie must learn this and many dinosaur lessons from his newfound un-pterodactyl- dinosaur mother Trudy. Trudy tries her best to teach her beloved confused surrogate child-like dinosaur his birthright of flying but to no avail. This devastates young Archie so Trudy decides to cheer up Archie with a surprise birthday party celebrating his First Birthday. Then the fun begins . . . . Party Poopers Rexton and Albert overhear about the celebration and decide to steal their fun by stealing their party favors and cake. All this against the background of a major storm and the annual car race and concert.
There is mayhem in Chucklegigglenu jeopardizing every young dinosaur’s birthright – The First Birthday Party.

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Executive Summary Real Money 2018 (dragg
Executive Summary Real Money 2018 (dragg
Executive Summary Real Money 2018 (dragg
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